Trimble UX5

An important aspect of Skelly and Loy, Inc.'s continuing ability to provide efficient and high quality services to our clients is our commitment to employing the latest digital software and hardware applications in our work. The most recent example of this strategy is the addition of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also referred to as “drone,” technology to our surveying “tool chest,” greatly enhancing Skelly and Loy's capacity to provide cost-effective mapping solutions for a wide range of projects.

Skelly and Loy holds a required FAA Section 333 UAV Commercial Pilot Authorization and is obligated to operate our UAVs in accordance with federal regulations. As a professional engineering and environmental consulting firm, we are fully committed to respecting rights of property owners who might be in the flight path. We meet these obligations and commitments by carefully planning, coordinating, and communicating all planned flights with all interested parties.

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