Preliminary Hydrogeologic Studies

On-lot disposal of wastewater has long been regulated to prevent the development of nitrate-nitrogen groundwater plumes. Preliminary Hydrogeologic Studies or Nitrate Loading Assessments incorporate mass balance calculations used to predict nitrate-nitrogen concentrations for complying with pertinent planning regulations. More recently, groundwater mounding assessments have become important for determining the rate at which wastewater can be safely applied to a particular site before creating an undesirable rise in the underlying groundwater. For groundwater mounding assessments, Skelly and Loy uses computer models to predict the expected rise in the underlying water table. In addition, Skelly and Loy uses this modeling approach to evaluate available disposal scenarios for ensuring that permits are acquired using the most cost-effective option(s).

Skelly and Loy offers full-service operation and maintenance services for municipal, industrial, commercial, and public sector wastewater systems. Our staff is 40-hour OSHA and confined space certified and possesses extensive experience in the successful installation and operation of denitrification systems when conventional on-lot disposal methods are not feasible.

Our team of qualified scientists and engineers has provided clients facing wastewater treatment and disposal concerns with expert assistance that has included the following.

  • Wastewater/Nitrate-Nitrogen Loading Assessments for On-Lot Disposal
  • Groundwater Mounding Analysis
  • Aquifer Testing
  • Wastewater Systems Engineering
  • Disposal Area Soil Characterization
  • Installation and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Groundwater Sampling
  • Site Monitoring
  • Spray/Drip Irrigation System Design and Installation

    Allow our engineers, hydrogeologists, and soil scientists to share their expertise for managing the on-lot disposal of wastewater on your next project.


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