Well Field Management and Rehabilitation Services

Groundwater has been referred to as one of our country's most valuable resources. In this day where sustaining our natural resources has become increasingly important, Skelly and Loy is a leader in providing expert services for the management of groundwater supplies, well field management, and well redevelopment services.

The operation of individual well fields is a complex and iterative process, dependent on recharge to the aquifer, physical makeup of the hydrogeologic system, and the interaction with neighboring wells and surface water bodies. These considerations must be balanced with the peak water demands to prevent overdrafts while assuring the long-term management of the groundwater resource. The groundwater professionals at Skelly and Loy are experienced in providing expert solutions to clients for determining safe yields, designing the layout of well fields to prevent/minimize drawdown interference effects, and determining the feasibility of phasing the pumping of extraction wells.

The yield of groundwater from water supply wells may diminish over time. Skelly and Loy can furnish services to investigate and determine the cause for your diminished well yields and provide cost-effective solutions to mitigate these effects.

Our staff of geologists/hydrogeologists has years of experience furnishing well field management services, regulatory permitting issues (i.e., U.S. EPA, PA DEP, Susquehanna River Basin Commission, and Delaware River Basin Commission), the development of groundwater models, and the design, performance, and analysis of aquifer tests. Allow our staff to assist you with your next groundwater resource project.


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Well Field Management and Rehabilitation Services


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