NEPA Documentation

The NEPA process ensures that federal agencies make "environmentally sound" decisions using information gained through an open and rigorous assessment of potential environmental impacts associated with their proposed "actions" (projects). To ensure an open and informed process that involves the public and other federal and state agencies, documentation (along with dissemination of the information) has become an essential component of the NEPA environmental review process.

In servicing its clients, Skelly and Loy recognizes that NEPA is about good decision making - not endless documentation. Our staff has a broad range of experience with each level of NEPA actions. We have produced 13 major Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and associated Records of Decision (ROD), over 50 Environmental Assessments (EA) and associated Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), and approximately 400 Categorical Exclusion Evaluations. We have also produced EIS and EA documents on CD-ROM and posted them on public websites with established links between the table of contents, table and figure references, and various sections of the document to facilitate review of the documents. In addition, we have prepared the Technical Basis Reports in support of NEPA documents.

Our staff has a comprehensive understanding of other federal and state statutes and regulations that are considered under the NEPA umbrella in addition to strong federal and state agency relationships that facilitate coordination under NEPA for other environmental review requirements, including the Endangered Species Act, the National Historic Preservation Act, the Environmental Justice Executive Order, and tribal laws.


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