Section 4(f) Evaluations

Section 4(f) requires that the Secretary of Transportation approve a transportation program or project (other than any project for a park road or parkway under Section 204 of Title 23) requiring the use of publicly owned land of a public park, recreation area, or wildlife and waterfowl refuge of national, state, or local significance or land of a historic site of national, state, or local significance (as determined by the federal, state, or local officials having jurisdiction over the park, area, refuge, or site). Skelly and Loy has been responsible for a large number of Section 4(f) Evaluations integrated with various levels of NEPA documents (i.e., CEE, EA, and EIS documents). Skelly and Loy's staff, with its broad experience, continuous training, and wide range of specialties, provides FHWA and state DOTs with the expertise to ensure a thorough understanding of the resources protected under Section 4(f) and the severity of potential usage, a comprehensive understanding of the various provisions and exemptions provided in Section 4(f) regulations, and an effective approach to implementing Section 4(f) to prepare concise and complete Section 4(f) evaluations to be used by decision-makers.


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