Clean Fill Determinations

In 2004 the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) issued its Management of Fill policy to provide standards for the reuse of materials as fill. The policy defines materials excavated from a site as either "clean fill" or "regulated fill." This policy applies to projects involving roadway improvements, building demolition, remediation of sites impacted with hazardous materials, redevelopment of old industrial sites, etc.

Clean fill is defined as uncontaminated, non-water-soluble, non-decomposable, inert solid materials. For the most part, clean fill may be used in an unrestricted manner. Regulated fill generally refers to materials that have been impacted by a spill, a release, and/or with concentrations of compounds that exceed the PA DEP's Clean Fill standards.

Unexpected materials can be encountered during any construction project. Discretion is warranted regarding the handling and management of these materials, especially if they are to be moved beyond the boundaries of the work site. The Environmental Professionals at Skelly and Loy have managed numerous projects that involved the evaluation of fill materials. These due diligence assessments provided recommendations for the management of materials as clean fill, regulated fill, or historic fill or as a waste under the appropriate regulations. We also routinely perform studies to characterize materials obtained from off-site locations to determine that the materials meet clean fill standards.

Based on the regulatory requirements, don't guess about classification of your fill materials; rather contact the Environmental Professionals at Skelly and Loy who will be glad to provide cost-effective options for supporting your project.


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