Environmental Equipment Rentals

Do you need a specialized instrument or piece of equipment for your environmental project? Skelly and Loy maintains an in-house supply of pollution control, groundwater remediation, water and wastewater treatment, and environmental assessment instruments/equipment that are available for rent.

Our instrument and equipment inventory includes groundwater pumps, water quality meters, combustible gas meters, photoionization detectors (PID), indoor air quality meters, moisture meters, noise dosimeters, air sampling pumps, pipe and cable locators, and specialized vacuum blowers and oil skimming remediation units.

Skelly and Loy can offer competitive daily, weekly and monthly rental rates. Please contact us for a price quote.


Brownfields Remediation
Clean Fill Determinations
Environmental Compliance Audits
Environmental Equipment Rentals
Facility Decontamination And Decommissioning
Fate And Transport Analyses
Groundwater Investigation And Characterization
Human And Ecological Risk Assessments
Karst Geology Assessments
Landfill Support Services
Pennsylvania Act 2
Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
Rapid Response Oversight Services
Remediation Services
Site Investigation/Act 2 Closure
Solid Waste Management Services
Vapor Intrusion Assessment Services
Waste Minimization Planning


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