Landfill Support Services

Skelly and Loy has been at the forefront in evaluating existing landfill facilities and their impact on the environment. We are experienced in conducting pre-permitting investigations for the selection of landfill sites. In addition, our Environmental Professionals have performed subsurface investigations to aid in the design of landfills, including development of optimum foundation designs, recommendations regarding slope stability, suitability of earth materials for fill, and settlement analyses. Our Environmental Engineers have extensive experience in the design of low permeability caps for landfills and the closure of waste materials in place.

Skelly and Loy has a broad range of experience in preparing permit applications, negotiating with regulatory authorities, and designing landfills. In addition, we have successfully performed numerous projects for assessing the migration of groundwater plumes and mitigating landfill gas migration and have designed, installed, and operated passive surface water and groundwater treatment systems.

Based on our broad technical knowledge, Skelly and Loy is experienced in reviewing landfill permit applications on behalf of host communities and other third-party interests. Our technical review services can develop comments regarding the permit application and serve to advocate for resolving issues of concern on behalf of the client. During the permitting process, we can evaluate the harms-benefits of the landfill on the surrounding communities and any environmental, social, and economic benefits gained from the proposed facility. We can provide guidance and assistance to host communities in obtaining grants for overseeing the solid waste facilities in their jurisdiction and the reimbursement of costs for independent review of permit applications.


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