Waste Minimization Planning

Waste minimization is the process of reducing the amount of waste produced by an industrial operation. The process requires knowledge of the production method, a cradle-to-grave analysis, and an understanding of the composition of the waste materials.

Skelly and Loy is experienced in developing cost-effective waste prevention and minimization strategies for a wide variety of service areas and industrial processes. Our professionals have helped to solve waste-related issues entailing methods of source reduction, recycling, and treatment. Implementing a "less is better" concept enhances protection of human health and safety by reducing exposures and generating less demand for disposal on the environment. Less waste also lowers disposal costs.

In most cases, wastes cannot be eliminated, but they can certainly be minimized. Our waste specialists will use their years of experience to provide source separation strategies, inventory techniques to reduce the over-purchase of materials that may require disposal, and cleanout/recycling of waste containers. Let the environmental professionals at Skelly and Loy safely guide you through the complex maze of hazardous or non-hazardous waste disposal regulations.


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