AST and UST Closures

Storage tank closures may involve the removal of all system appurtenances or, depending on site conditions, the abandonment of individual components. Skelly and Loy has performed hundreds of storage tank closures in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our UST program specialists are familiar with both state and federal procedures as well as standard industry practices. This includes submitting the 30-day notification forms, procuring any local permits, and evaluating the location of subsurface utilities.

Careless handling of storage tanks can cause injuries, extensive property damage, and loss of life. Because safety and accident prevention are of utmost importance, Skelly and Loy strictly adheres to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Code of Federal Regulations (29 CFR 1910.120) for performing work associated with the closure of storage tanks.

Our environmental professionals are familiar with the collection of soil and groundwater samples for documenting site conditions, and we can offer expertise in the excavation, testing, and management of contaminated soils/groundwater. As a certified storage tank firm, Skelly and Loy can prepare and submit the closure form documentation ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. We take pride in furnishing our clients with quality report documents. Importantly, our staff maintains excellent working relationships with personnel on both the state and federal levels.

If site conditions warrant additional investigation/remediation, we can furnish a large staff of experienced Environmental Scientists and Professional Geologists who can walk you through the regulatory process of closing out your site. Let our professionals assist you with your next project.

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